Appointment Pass

The appointment pass feature within eHallpass systems offers a convenient way to schedule future meetings or appointments between you and your students. This functionality streamlines communication, reduces disruptions in class, and ensures everyone arrives prepared for their designated time.

How do I approve my e hall pass?

How to Approve:

  1. Notification: Look for an alert on your computer/phone (details about student request).
  2. Review: Briefly check the reason, time limit (if any), and any extra notes.
  3. Decision: Tap “Approve” or “Deny” based on your judgment.

Tip: Check your school website or teacher’s instructions for any specifics on their eHallpass system.


How do you use an e Hall pass?

1. Submit the Request:

  • Find the eHallpass app or website your school uses (ask your teacher if unsure).
  • Choose the reason for your request (bathroom break, library visit, etc.).
  • Some systems might let you add a quick note (optional).
  • Submit the request!

2. Wait for Approval:

  • Your teacher will receive a notification on their device with your request details.
  • They’ll review and approve (or deny) your request electronically.

3. Get Permission (if approved):

  • You’ll typically receive a notification on your device (if available) letting you know if you’re good to go.
  • Follow any additional instructions from your teacher (e.g., sign a pass log).

4. Return on Time:

  • Leave the classroom only after approval and head to your designated location.
  • Return promptly to minimize disruption and keep learning on track!


  • Respect the system and only use eHallpass for approved reasons.
  • Follow your teacher’s guidelines regarding eHallpass use in their classroom.

Is there an app for EHall Pass?

There isn’t one universal eHallpass app. However, many eHallpass systems designed for schools do offer mobile apps for both students and teachers.

Here’s why there’s no single app:

  • Multiple eHallpass Systems: Schools can choose from various eHallpass software providers, each with its own app. Popular options include, HallPass+, and Securly Pass.
  • School-Specific Choice: The specific eHallpass app you’ll use depends on the system your school has implemented.


How to Find Out:

  • Teacher’s Instructions: Your teachers will likely inform you about the eHallpass system used in their class and how to access it, whether through an app or website.
  • School Website: Check your school’s website for information about technology tools used in classrooms. This might include details about the eHallpass system and any student apps available.
  • Ask Your Classmates: If you’re unsure, consult with classmates who might already be familiar with the eHallpass system used in your school.

By following these tips, you can easily determine if there’s an app associated with the eHallpass system used in your school and how to access it.

Here’s how it works:
  • Teachers Initiate: You, as the teacher, can create appointment passes for individual students or select groups.
  • Specify Details: During the creation process, you can define the purpose of the appointment (e.g., one-on-one tutoring session, discussing a specific assignment), select a date and time slot from your available schedule, and choose the student(s) who need to attend.
  • Student Notification: The eHallpass system automatically sends notifications to the designated students, informing them about the upcoming appointment. These notifications typically appear within the student’s eHallpass app or online dashboard.
  • Reminders and Approvals: Depending on the system, students might have the option to accept or decline the appointment electronically. You might also be able to set reminder notifications for both yourself and the students as the appointment time approaches.


Benefits of Appointment Passes:

  • Reduced Disruptions: Schedule meetings outside of class time to avoid disrupting lessons. This ensures focused learning for the rest of the class and allows you to provide more dedicated attention to students who need it most.
  • Improved Communication: Clear communication is crucial for a successful appointment. eHallpass facilitates this by providing a platform for teachers to clearly define the meeting purpose and for students to be aware of their scheduled time.
  • Increased Student Engagement: When students know dedicated time is set aside for their individual needs, it can increase their sense of engagement and willingness to participate actively during the appointment.
  • Enhanced Organization: Manage your schedule more effectively by keeping track of upcoming student appointments within the eHallpass system. This eliminates the need for separate appointment calendars or paper notes.
  • Preparation Time: Appointment notifications allow both students and teachers to come prepared for the meeting. Students can gather necessary materials or questions beforehand, while teachers can plan their approach to address the student’s specific needs.

Things to Consider:

  • Teacher Availability: Ensure your appointment schedule within eHallpass reflects your actual availability during non-classroom hours.
  • Student Access: Be mindful of students who might not have personal devices at home to access appointment notifications. Consider alternative communication methods for these students, such as written notes or announcements in class.
  • System-Specific Features: The functionalities of appointment passes might vary slightly depending on the chosen eHallpass system. Explore the options offered by your specific platform to maximize its benefits in your classroom.

By incorporating appointment passes into your eHallpass system, you can create a more efficient and organized classroom environment, foster improved communication with your students, and ultimately enhance the overall learning experience.