Does EHallPass have an app?

Does EHallPass have an app?

Yes, EHallPass does have a mobile app called EHallPass App. It’s available for download on both Android devices through the Google Play Store and Apple devices through the App Store.

Navigating the Halls with Ease: A Guide to EHallPass Login

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For mobile convenience, download the EHallPass App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Log in using your existing school credentials.

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How eHallPass is Streamlining School Management

EHallPass App on the Go:

For those who prefer mobile access, the EHallPass App allows you to submit hall pass requests directly from your smartphone or tablet. The functionalities mirror those of the web dashboard, letting you select pass types, specify duration, and view teacher approvals.

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eHallpass: Streamlining Your Classroom Management