Features and Benefits of eHallPass Stillwater

Features and Benefits of eHallPass Stillwater

As previously mentioned, there likely isn’t a specific “eHallPass Stillwater” version. Stillwater Public Schools (or a similar district) likely subscribes to the general EHallPass service offered by educational technology vendors. Here’s a breakdown of the features and benefits of EHallPass that might be applicable in Stillwater Schools:


  • Electronic Hall Pass Requests: Students can submit requests to leave the classroom for various approved reasons (restroom, nurse, library, etc.) through a web portal. This eliminates the need for physical paper passes.
  • Teacher Web Dashboard: Teachers have a separate login and web dashboard to manage student requests. They can see the reason for the request, student name, and potentially the time submitted.
  • Request Status Updates: Students can view the status of their requests (pending, approved, denied) within the web portal. This helps them know when they can leave the classroom.
  • Optional Features (Depending on Implementation):
    • Time Tracking: Some EHallPass implementations allow teachers to track how long a student is out of the classroom with an approved pass.
    • QR Code Verification: In some configurations, schools can enable QR code verification. Students scan these codes upon leaving the classroom with an approved pass, potentially verifying their location (e.g., near the restroom). However, privacy concerns surround this feature.


  • Improved Efficiency: EHallPass eliminates the need for paper passes, reducing classroom disruptions associated with passing out and collecting physical passes.
  • Increased Student Accountability: Students submit electronic requests and see the status updates, making them more aware of the process and potentially more responsible with their time outside the classroom.
  • Data and Analytics (for Schools): Schools can track hall pass usage patterns (e.g., most frequent reasons, times of day) potentially identifying areas for improvement or addressing frequent requests for specific reasons. This data can inform better classroom management strategies.
  • Benefits for Teachers: EHallPass can streamline managing student movement requests, allowing teachers to focus more on instruction.

Things to Consider:

  • Specific Features in Stillwater Schools: The features available in your school might vary depending on the implementation choices made by Stillwater Public Schools.
  • Alternatives: Stillwater Schools might use a different web-based system or a school-developed solution for managing hall passes.
  • Data Privacy: Stillwater Public Schools should have clear data collection and privacy policies regarding information collected through EHallPass, especially if using features like location tracking.

Finding Out More:

Since EHallPass isn’t a downloadable app, you can’t find information about specific features within the Stillwater School district through the app itself. Here are some resources to learn more:

  • Stillwater Public Schools Website: Check the website for information about classroom management tools or technology resources used within the district. This might mention EHallPass or a similar system.
  • Teacher Communication: Talk to your teachers directly. They can confirm if EHallPass is used in your school and explain the functionalities available to students (request process, web portal access).
  • Parent Resources: The school district website or parent portals might have resources explaining classroom management procedures, potentially mentioning the system used for hall passes.

By exploring these resources and reaching out to school personnel, you can gain a clearer understanding of the features and benefits of the specific system used in Stillwater Schools for managing student movement requests.