Introduction to Clever Naviance

Introduction to Clever Naviance

Clever Naviance combines the strengths of two powerful platforms commonly used in K-12 schools:

  • Clever: A single sign-on (SSO) platform that streamlines student access to various educational applications.
  • Naviance: A college and career readiness solution that helps students explore interests, research colleges and careers, and prepare for post-secondary success.

How Clever Naviance Works:

  1. SSO Integration: Schools configure Clever to integrate with Naviance. This allows students to access Naviance with a single click within the familiar Clever portal.
  2. Seamless Login: Students log in once to Clever with their school credentials. They can then access Naviance without needing a separate username and password, improving login efficiency and reducing frustration.

Benefits of Clever Naviance:

  • Simplified Student Access: Students can easily launch Naviance through Clever, eliminating the need to remember and manage multiple logins.
  • Improved Engagement: SSO can potentially increase student engagement with Naviance by making it readily accessible within the centralized Clever platform.
  • Streamlined Workflow for Teachers and Counselors: Educators who use Naviance to support students might benefit from the simplified access it offers through Clever.

Here’s a breakdown of what Clever Naviance might NOT do:

  • Replace Naviance Functionality: Clever itself doesn’t provide the college and career planning features offered by Naviance. It acts as a gateway for students to access the full Naviance platform.
  • Offer Additional Features: Clever Naviance doesn’t add new features to either platform. It primarily focuses on simplifying the login process for students.

Who Benefits from Clever Naviance?

  • Students: Enjoy a more convenient way to access Naviance for college and career exploration.
  • Teachers and Counselors: Potentially benefit from a streamlined workflow when using Naviance to support students.
  • Schools: Can promote a more integrated learning environment by connecting students to various educational tools (including Naviance) through a central platform (Clever).

Here are some additional considerations:

  • School Implementation: Not all schools using Clever will necessarily integrate it with Naviance. It depends on the school’s subscription plans for both platforms.
  • Data Privacy: Schools should ensure both Clever and Naviance comply with student data privacy regulations.

Overall, Clever Naviance offers a convenient and secure way for students to access the valuable college and career planning resources within Naviance. By leveraging SSO, it can improve student engagement and streamline the login process within the broader Clever ecosystem of educational applications.