The Purpose of Securly in Schools

The Purpose of Securly in Schools

Securly isn’t just a single tool, but a suite of cloud-based student safety and device management solutions designed for K-12 schools. Here’s a breakdown of the overall purpose of Securly in schools:

Creating a Safe and Secure Learning Environment:

  • Securly Blocker: This web filtering tool helps block access to inappropriate websites, promoting student safety online by filtering out harmful content like pornography, violence, or gambling sites.
  • AI Threat Detection: Some Securly implementations utilize AI to detect and block emerging online threats or malicious websites not yet categorized in their database.
  • YouTube Safety Mode: The system might automatically enable YouTube Safety Mode on school devices, filtering out inappropriate content on the platform.

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Promoting Responsible Digital Citizenship:

  • Securly Monitor: This tool can monitor student activity on school devices, helping identify potential cyberbullying, self-harm ideation, or other concerning behaviors. Securly emphasizes that monitoring is meant to be proactive and supportive, not punitive.
  • Teacher Support: Securly tools can provide teachers with insights into student online activity, potentially allowing them to address issues early on and offer support to students struggling online.

Streamlining Classroom Management:

  • Securly Classroom: This tool allows teachers to manage student devices in class. They can lock student screens to a specific URL (e.g., online test platform) to minimize distractions and ensure focus during class time.

Additional Benefits:

  • Improved Student Focus: By reducing distractions and inappropriate content, Securly can help students stay focused on learning tasks.
  • Data and Analytics: Securly offers schools data and analytics regarding student online activity. This data can inform decisions about online safety education and potential areas for improvement within the school environment.
  • Peace of Mind for Educators and Parents: Securly aims to provide educators and parents with peace of mind knowing there are measures in place to promote student safety and responsible online behavior.

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Here are some important considerations:

  • Data Privacy: Schools should have transparent data security policies regarding student information collected by Securly tools.
  • Open Communication: Schools should encourage open communication with students, parents, and teachers about online safety expectations and the tools used to enforce them.
  • Finding the Balance: Striking a balance between student safety, online freedom, and access to educational resources is crucial.

Overall, Securly aims to equip schools with a suite of tools to create a secure and supportive digital learning environment for students while promoting responsible digital citizenship.