What Does The EHallPass App Track?

What Does The EHallPass App Track?

EHallPass tracks student movement within a school to some degree, but the specific details of what’s tracked can vary depending on the school’s implementation and configuration. Here’s a breakdown of the potential tracking features:

Core Tracking:

  • Hall Pass Requests: The app tracks when students submit requests to leave the classroom, including the reason for the request (if provided).
  • Teacher Approvals/Denials: The system records whether a teacher approves or denies a hall pass request.
  • Time Out: The app might track the duration of a student’s approved hall pass, potentially helping ensure they return to class within a designated timeframe.

Optional Tracking (School Dependent):

  • Location Tracking: Some EHallPass implementations might utilize features to track student location within the school building. This could be achieved through Bluetooth beacons or Wi-Fi network signals, depending on the system’s setup. However, this feature is often controversial due to privacy concerns.

Important Considerations:

  • Transparency and Privacy Policies: Schools with EHallPass should have clear and accessible policies outlining what data is collected, how it’s used, and how student privacy is protected.
  • Student Awareness: Students should be aware of what data is being tracked and for what purpose. Open communication and addressing privacy concerns are crucial.
  • Minimal Intrusive Tracking: The focus should be on facilitating responsible hall pass usage, not on overly intrusive location tracking of students.

What EHallPass Doesn’t Track (Typically):

  • Real-time Location: EHallPass likely wouldn’t track a student’s exact location within the school in real-time. It might indicate a general area (e.g., near the restroom) but wouldn’t provide a minute-by-minute location update.
  • Student Activity: The app wouldn’t track what students do outside the classroom (e.g., in the bathroom or hallway).


EHallPass primarily tracks hall pass requests and potentially the duration of approved passes. Location tracking might be an option, but schools should implement it cautiously with clear privacy policies and student awareness. The focus should be on promoting responsible student movement and efficient classroom management, not on overly intrusive student surveillance.