How do I approve my e hall pass?

How do I approve my e hall pass?

Assuming your school uses EHallPass, here’s how you, as a teacher, can likely approve a student’s hall pass request:

Teacher Dashboard Access:

  1. Navigate to the EHallPass login page for your school. This might be the standard website at or a custom school login page.
  2. Use your teacher login credentials (likely your school email address and password) to access your EHallPass teacher dashboard.

Identifying Student Requests:

  • Once logged in, you should see a dashboard or similar view displaying pending student hall pass requests.
  • This view might list students’ names, reasons for requesting a pass, and potentially the estimated duration of their absence (depending on school configuration).

Approving or Denying Requests:

  • Locate the specific student request you want to address.
  • Each request should have options for approval or denial. These might be buttons labeled “Approve” or “Deny,” or checkboxes for selection.
  • Click the appropriate button or select the checkbox to approve or deny the student’s request.

Optional Notifications:

  • Depending on your school’s configuration, the student might receive a real-time notification on their device informing them of your decision (approved or denied).

Additional Tips:

  • Reviewing Request Details: Before approving or denying, you might want to review the details of the student’s request, such as the reason for leaving and the estimated duration (if provided).
  • Classroom Management Considerations: Use your judgment when approving requests, considering factors like classroom activities and potential disruptions.

If you encounter any difficulties approving EHallPass requests, don’t hesitate to reach out to your school’s IT department or a school administrator. They can provide specific guidance on the approval process within your school’s EHallPass configuration.