How to create a pass on ehallpass?

Create a pass on Ehallpass

Here’s how to create a pass on EHallPass (assuming your school uses it):

For Students:

  1. Access EHallPass: Navigate to the EHallPass login page for your school. This might be the standard website at or a custom school login page.
  2. Login: Use your school email address and password (or the login method your school uses, like Google or Clever).
  3. Create Pass: Look for a button or option labeled “Create Pass” or “Request Pass.”
  4. Specify Details: Choose the reason for your pass from a list (bathroom break, nurse’s visit, library visit, etc.). Some schools might allow adding a brief description.
  5. Estimated Time (Optional): In some schools, you might be able to indicate the estimated duration of your absence.
  6. Submit Request: Click “Submit” or a similar button to send your request to your teacher for approval.

Real-time Notifications (Optional): Depending on your school’s configuration, you might receive notifications on your device informing you of the teacher’s decision (approved or denied).

Important Notes:

  • School-Based Implementation: Not all schools use EHallPass. Check with your school to confirm if they utilize it.
  • Teacher Approval Required: Your teacher has the final say on whether to approve your pass request.

Additional Tips:

  • Bookmark the Login Page: Once you locate the correct login page for your school, bookmark it for easy future access.
  • Review School Policies: Familiarize yourself with your school’s specific policies regarding hall pass usage.

If you encounter any difficulties creating a pass, don’t hesitate to reach out to your teacher or school IT department for assistance. They can clarify the specific process for your school and answer any questions you might have.