How do I change my profile picture on ehallpass?

How do I change my profile picture on ehallpass?

Ever stare at your EHallPass profile and think, “This needs a makeover!”? Yeah, same. Turns out uploading a selfie might not be an option on EHallPass (at least not for students). But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a blank profile.

How does eHallPass work?

Here’s the deal:

  • Mystery Mode: Some schools might allow adding a profile picture through a link, but it wouldn’t be an upload. You’d need the picture hosted somewhere else online already. Check with your school’s IT crew or look for EHallPass FAQs to see if this is your school’s style.

Does EHallPass have an app?

  • Tech Team to the Rescue: If info on profile pics is MIA, don’t be shy! Hit up your school’s IT department. They’re the ultimate source for all things EHallPass and can tell you if profile pics are a thing and how to make it happen (if they are).

  • Working with What You Got: Maybe uploading a pic isn’t in the cards, but you can still personalize your profile! Make sure your name and other info are on point. Think of it as a mini-bio for your teachers (minus the embarrassing middle school hobbies).

Even without a custom profile pic, you can still rock EHallPass with those smooth digital hall pass requests. And who knows, maybe future updates will bring profile picture power to the students!

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